Empowering individuals

to make sustainable lifestyle changes


The services at Wellness Assist are about gaining health through sustainable lifestyle changes.  Its about assessing where you are at, getting a plan together and being able to commit to changes that are tailored to YOU and your significant others.


At Wellness Assist, we realise that people have commitments.  Wellness Assist will not ask you to give up eating and enjoying 'real' food (tip: that would suck and definitely isn't sustainable!), or give up your day job so you can spend the whole day at the gym.  We are all about creating balance and working out what works for you!


We all have different lives, families, goals, dreams, visions and philosophies in life.  Wellness Assist acknowledges these and aims to tailor plans so people can gain health.  We do this by addressing the psychological side of health and lifestyle by breaking the process down into smaller, more manageable pieces for individuals to start from where they are.

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